The Top Five Things To Do During the Last Few Days of your Pregnancy (First Time Moms)

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bathroombreakOK, it’s official. I SUCK at blogging. Well, maybe not the blogging part but certainly taking time to actually write the thoughts that are in my head. Whenever I think of an idea I would like to write about, I jot it down a piece of paper … which now has about 80 ideas … and this is my fourth post in two months. I have to get my act together.

A beautifully pregnant friend of mine posted today that she is past her due date and is getting impatient. Before I knew it, I wrote a novella of a comment for her. Ok, if I could take the time to do that, I can take the time to post here. Here is my comment to her and is for all those first time Moms-to-Be out there. I can see the moms of the group nodding in agreement now! ENJOY!

Top Five Things You Should Do During the Last Days of your Pregnancy

1. Decide you are going to leave the house and drive somewhere … then do it right away without having to pack half your house to take with you.  REALLY pay attention to how quick and easy this is. 🙂  Oh, and while you’re out, enjoy not having to look in your rear-view mirror two million times to make sure everyone is ok, pick up a sippy cup or toy off the floor (while you are driving…fun), stop on the side of the road to feed someone (or change a poopy diaper…more fun) or sing to a crying baby (making up words as you go along …”hush little baby we are almost home, please stop crying…la la la…”  OH, and listen to the music you want without having to listen or sing the “Wheels on the bus!”

2. Use the washroom and take a shower and pay CLOSE attention to how quiet it is without anyone crying for you, yelling out your name, opening the shower curtain or sliding their fingers under the door.

3. Go to a restaurant and enjoy a peaceful meal! Oh so blissful.

4. Go to a movie without having to pay TWO ARMS AND TWO LEGS. (just the regular arm and leg for the movie and popcorn – no babysitter)

5. Flip through the channels and DO NOT stop on Treehouse or Disney Jr. Watch whatever YOU want to watch. Toopee and Binoo (and similarly annoying voices will be there soon enough).

Bonus: Take time to write a blog post without a two and half year old destroying a play room or a 9-month old pulling on your pant leg! (Not that it is happening as we speak or anything).

Moms-to-be, this is all meant for fun but I know in a couple of months you’ll think about this post and smile! All this being said, I ADORE my children and wouldn’t trade mommyhood for anything … well, maybe the bathroom one. 😀 I wish you a peaceful day, a smooth and quick labour and delivery and most of all, a healthy and happy baby.


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