Must blog – must blog – I’m back!

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Do you know how many times I stop in the middle of a day and think “oh, this would make a great blog post”?!? I have so much I want to share and I’m honestly not sure what keeps me from doing so. Laziness? Unorganized? Too freaking busy?!? Maybe a little of all of the above. Because I run an online program, I know that the best way to reach my potential clients is through blogging, online advertising and social media. I want people to get to know me and I want you to know that I understand what it is like to be busy, what it is like to get tired of exercising and eating healthy and I want you to know that I’m WITH YOU in your struggles.

We are in this together and I can’t think of a better way to start up my blogging again with a potentially fun…potentially successful….potentially hilariously disastrous series this week! Just keeping it real. LOL.

I’ve heard a lot about once a month shopping, once a month meal planning and once a month cooking. From a girl who many times, flies by the seat of her pants, this scares the daylights out of me! BUT I also know, as a personal trainer and nutrition & wellness specialist, just how important planning and prepping can be. So here I go…diving head first into the world of Once a Month Meals. I came across this “Once a Month Meals” WEBSITE HERE a couple of months ago and was really intrigued by what I saw but that’s about as far as it went. Then I was offered a free month’s subscription through a Homemaker’s Bundle I acquired and knew I had to take a closer look (because I love anything free).

For the last hour (my smaller kiddies nap time) I’ve been sitting on my back deck going through the recipes and I have to admit, they all look great! But I have a fear that this will be more work than it is worth and that making these meals ahead of time and freezing them won’t produce the quality my family is use to. *Please note I’m NOT saying I’m a good cook. I just know what my family likes and I stick with what I know! Well, there is no way to know for sure what I am capable of unless I try, so my plan today is to choose my meals and start the planning process.

Come back tomorrow when I’ll go through more of what the program offers and the recipes I’ve chosen! Make it a great day everyone!!

Day 2 – Making a Plan!

Day 3 – Getting Organized and Filling My Cart


4 thoughts on “Must blog – must blog – I’m back!

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    […] Day 1 – Returning to the Blogging World with Once a Month Meal planning! […]

    […] Day 1 – Returning to the Blogging World with Once a Month Meal planning! […]

    […] Day 1 – Returning to the Blogging World with Once a Month Meal planning! […]

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