Prep Day – My Journey with Once a Month Meals Continues

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Before I begin today’s post, I must first apologize to those who have been following this series. I know there has been quite a gap in posts but our entire family was systematically taken down, youngest to oldest, by a Norovirus type illness that was unknowingly (until it was too late) bought by a house guest and things were NOT getting done as per usual. Luckily, I did finish my Once a Month Meal cooking day (just not the blog writing) and let’s just say that having those meals in my freezer, ready to be warmed were more helpful than I could have imagined!

A quick refresh of what I’ve covered so far. Day 1 was decision making day where I decided that I would take the leap to not only plan my meals for the month, but actually prepare and in some cases COOK all my meals for the month of August. I decided to obtain a membership through Once a Month Meals, a website dedicated to helping you organize your meal prepping like nothing you’ve done before! I purchased the “Pro” membership in order to have the capability of swapping meals. Day 2 my husband and I made our list of meals that interested us and I organized my calendar, chose my meals and on Day 3, headed to the grocery store with a very well organized list in hand. So far, I’m impressed!

So today is the Prep Day! prepping1Now before you think you can forgo the prep stage and just prep as you go along on cooking day, let me just say one thing….DON’T! There is a lot of chopping and there are some things that need to be cooked and cooled so I HIGHLY recommend that you take their advice and take a day to prep everything. You will be very happy you did because it makes cooking day go so much smoother.

Printing off the “Prep Instructions” provided, I went through my list to make sure I had everything I needed, just in case I missed something and then one by one, started following the instructions. I will say that I did leave the chicken until the very end because I am kind of weird about cross contamination and there was just SO MUCH that needed to be done I was afraid I would miss something. But because it needed to be cooked, I really could have cut that first and got the crock pot going before I did everything else. Didn’t really affect me much as it just ended up meaning that I let the chicken cook overnight instead of during the day and it just gave me a little piece of mind.

Here’s a little glimpse of what you will see on your prep day instruction sheet (the chopping list was MUCH longer). It really did make it fool-proof.

prep screen shot

Confession…I’m a lister. Like a SERIOUS lister. I have to-do lists for everything. I’m one of those people that when I do something that is not on my list, I will put it on my list and then check it off as done. Yep. That’s me. There was quite a lot of satisfaction in actually checking off all the items on the list. I mean, everything….in one day!! Only listers will understand how absolutely giddy this made me feel! I felt very proud of myself at the end of it all to know that I had completed everything on the list and was ready to start cooking the next day!

prepping2So there you have it. Prep day was easy peasy and I’m ready for what I know will be the biggest challenge yet, Cooking 24 meals in one day! So I’ll be back tomorrow with the details of cooking day and on Wednesday, I’ll finish off the series with some handy tips I learned along the way to make your own adventure go even smoother. Wish me luck! 

If you are just joining me, you can check out my other posts in this series by clicking the links below or visit the Once a Month Meal website by clicking the photo below.

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