Let’s Cook! My journey heats up!

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So the conversation went something like this…

Friend: What are your plans for today?
Me: Cooking.
Friend: Seriously?
Me: Seriously. Cooking. All day.
Friend:  Ok, good luck with that.

I will admit, the idea of cooking my entire monthly meals in one day seemed scary and daunting to me at first too and I won’t say it was an easy day but once I had my head wrapped around what I was about to do, it just took shape and it actually felt good to start pulling off the dishes. And I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I could or would have done this without the step by step process that Once a Month Meals provided me. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been too bad if I was doing my tried and true recipes that I can whip out with my eyes closed (I did include a couple) but when trying new recipes, the steps were very helpful. And because I had all the prepping done the day before, I was able to dive right into the cooking. Here’s what my cooking instructions looked like.

cooking instructions

I printed this off and had the recipes on my computer so they were both within easy reach. Remember my comment from yesterday on my “list” addiction? Well I liked having this in a printed version for the same reason, that satisfaction of checking off each step as it was done. 

Tomatoes, kale and sausage getting ready for the pasta bake. I loved the colours.

Little bit by little bit, things started to come together and one by one, the meals were being completed and ready for the freezer.

A couple words of warning and/or tips for cooking day….

1. Your house is going to get very warm so be prepared with fans, air conditioners and LOTS of water!

2. If you have little ones, whatever you do, DON’T look around the corner when all is quiet. You just don’t know what you might find. It isn’t worth it I promise.mess

3. Also, one thing that would have been very useful here would be to have a helper, especially a great dish washer because you end up using your measuring cups, pots, etc… over and over again. Which reminds me, don’t plan to do your cooking day when your 10-year-old AWESOME kitchen helper is away at summer camp …. cause that would just be dumb. Really dumb. Achem.

Sausage Pasta Bake ready for the freezer.

I think because of the busy-ness of my two little boys and the lack of ‘kitchen’ help, it did take me a little longer than I would have liked but really, in the scheme of things, when I think about how much time it will save in the month ahead, it really wasn’t too bad. I started at about 11am and finished up about 7pm that evening (I was probably most productive between 2-4pm – you guessed it – nap time!). And I was right. It was a VERY long day. Both my feet and back were sore by the end of the day but to see my freezer FULL of food was so extremely rewarding.

Another thing I liked was the labels the website provided. You just cut them out and paste them to the dish. There is a space to include your “freezer date” as well as re-heating instruction.


So, in a nutshell, the day was long but successful. In addition to the tips above, I did make note of a few things that would have made the process a little easier and I’ll be back again tomorrow to share more of those tips with you, along with the most important question we’ve all been wondering. How will it taste?!? 

Chipotle Chicken & Rice, which I decided at the last minute to turn into burritos for quick and easy lunches.
Chipotle Chicken & Rice, which I decided at the last minute to turn into burritos for quick and easy lunches.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Cook! My journey heats up!

    angelapeddle said:
    August 13, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    One of these days I’m going to get back into this again. I honestly don’t know how you managed to do it all in one day though. Its only me, and it still took a couple days to make everything.

      Deborah Hann - Journey to Wellness said:
      August 13, 2014 at 8:52 pm

      I wasn’t sure I could do it but the step by step instructions really helped. There was one point I had four meals on the go at the same time!

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