To Blog or Not to Blog … Here we Go!

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onlinefatloss-helloworldI’ve debated starting a Blog many times in the past but what I felt was a lack of time, coupled with some negative self-talk that nobody would want to read what I have to share, or worse, that they would hate what I had to say, held me back. It wasn’t until at a get-together recently, I was introduced to a new friend and shared what I “do” for a living that I started to think differently. This wasn’t just an “Oh, you’re a trainer, how do I lose weight?” type of conversation … yes I have those as well. But this beautiful lady was truly interested in WHY I was a personal trainer, WHY I wanted to help people and she kept commenting on how NORMAL I actually was. (more about this in my next post).

Now to be honest, I try not to talk shop too much when I’m at social gatherings because as soon as people realize I’m a personal trainer, they either fear that I am going to start an impromtu fitness class, or the snack table becomes a place of guilt, shame and “Look Deborah, I have some veggies on my plate!”. I usually pre-empt this by being one of the first to take a chip and scoop up some dip saying how delicious it tastes and thanking the hostess for all her or his hard work! Besides the fact that I really DO LOVE chips and dip, it also breaks the ice and let’s everyone know I am not in a place to judge their eating tonight! What if I stopped getting invited to parties because nobody would eat in front of me?!? The devastation!

But this particular conversation was different. As we chatted about weight loss struggles, overcoming food temptations (we were still near the chip bowl, blasted thing!), the love-hate relationship with exercise, and how great success feels, I continued to see her smile and chime in, “That sounds just like me”, “Oh, that is definitely my biggest challenge”, “That is such a great tip” and “Are you sure you don’t mind me asking you all these questions?”. This of course was a wonderful ego boost for me (because let’s face it, with three children, a busy husband and no boss to tell me I did a good job), sometimes my self-esteem needs a little boosting too! But more importantly, it made me realize that I just might have something interesting to say and perhaps there are other people out there who could be interested as well. Perhaps it is even just the two of you (*waving hi*) and that’s ok!!

So what do I plan on posting about? Well, pretty much anything that I feel could potentially help someone out there try to be fit, healthy and happy. “Wellness” mean many things so that leaves a lot of ground for me to cover.

Which leads me to my offer to you. I do hope there will be times that my posts will resonate with you but if there is something in particular you would like to see, or perhaps a topic you have a question about, PLEASE do not hesitate to email me at info@journey2wellness.ca. I would be happy to write about it!

It is my goal that some of the advice I give, will stick with you and help you make the changes you need in your life to reach your goals. But I also understand there will be times when you will think I’m completely out-to-lunch (a well proportioned, healthy lunch of course but out-to-lunch nonetheless) and you may not necessarily agree with me.

And that’s perfectly ok as well. It’s ok to have a difference of opinions! There are so many conflicting studies, professional opinions, weight loss program, trainers, fitness instructors and even the wannabe Trainers (aka the bicep curl expert), that we can’t ALL be right ALL the time! I promise to give you my honest opinions on what I believe in my heart to encompass healthy living and “wellness” and I ask that you respect my opinions and the opinions of others by keeping all conversations and comments respectful. If you have something kind to say or even a little constructive criticism, please feel free to share. But, I do monitor posts and I will not post any comments that are meant to hurt or disgrace any individual or group. If you try to post it, I promise you it will NOT show up. I truly would love this page to grow to be a place that you can feel safe to visit for honest and NORMAL advice on what it takes to be fit, healthy and well. I invite you to join me on our journey to wellness.